learning to draw all over again
after losing the use of your dominant hand


This is the story of the struggle to draw again after a stroke paralyzed the drawing hand of an artist. It documents the step-by-step details along the way as he learned to use his Other Hand for everything including learning to draw again.

The brain has a wonderful recovery mechanism as new connections grow and cells are replaced - but the arm and hand remained paralyzed.


Included are instructions and helps for those who have not drawn very much but may be suffering from limited, or painful, use of the dominant hand. Learning to use the other hand for handwriting, working with tools, and just switching the though process from one side of the brain to the other is invaluable.

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Donnalee Dunne is an artist and writer in Central California where her husband, Ralph, suffered a massive stroke that resulted in paralysis on his left side. Ralph is an artist. Ralph is left-handed. Part of this book is derived from journals the author kept at the time of his stroke and during recovery. She documents the small successes and the small setbacks - offering to you what worked for Ralph.

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Printed on extra-heavy paper, and wire bound for your convenience. Wire binding is attractive and pages can be folded back upon themselves allowing for ease of reading and page turning.


designed specifically for the disabled and elderly, many can be equally fun for kids & moms

includes the how-to helpful projects from On the Other Hand, and many more.




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